3 Weeks to Better Balance

When you are young, balance is an automatic reflex and you can quickly recover from a trip or stand up after a fall.  

However, studies show that balance naturally begins to decline after age 40 and the National Institute of Health reports that one in three people aged 65 will suffer a fall each year.

…”Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in older adults.”

National Council on Aging

Balance For Life has a complete Balance Improvement and Fall Prevention program that is guaranteed to measurably improve your balance in 3 weeks.

Your balance is regulated by 5 Factors:

  1. Vision
  2. Reflexes
  3. Muscle Mass and Strength
  4. Proprioception (The ability to feel the body in space)
  5. Inner Ear

Changes linked to growing older or sedentary lifestyles affect all of these areas:

  1. Weaker eyesight
  2. Slower reflexes
  3. Weak and stiff muscles and joints
  4. Poor circulation (leads to lack of physical sensation)
  5. Vertigo / Dizziness (due to deposits or crystals in inner ear)

As you get older you may exercise less, gain weight, and start to feel less confident in your body and your balance.

However, the good news is that with a proper exercise and mindfulness program, almost anyone can improve their balance.

But, don’t only take our word for it, listen to what these major health organizations say!

…”Do strength and balance exercises that make your legs stronger such as yoga and Tai Chi.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

…”Strength and balance exercises can help you prevent falls and avoid the disability that may result from falling.”

NIH National Institute on Aging

…”To prevent falls…find a good balance and exercise program.”

National Council on Aging

Improve your balance safely and easily with Balance For Life’s comprehensive three week program.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to improve their balance.
  • Anyone over 50 years old.
  • Anyone who has suffered an unexpected fall or close call recently.
  • Anyone who deals with challenges such as Parkinson’s, MS or limb-loss.
  • Not for those looking for a high-intensity workout.

What do I get?

  • Measurably improve your balance, flexibility, and stability.
  • Feel safe and secure knowing that you won’t trip or fall unexpectedly.
  • Walk, hike, dance, play and move with confidence in your body and your balance.

This course includes:

  • Safety & Fall Prevention Checklist
  • Balance Strength & Flexibility Assessment
  • Three Week Training Curriculum – Over 5 1/2 Hours of content
  • Bonus Videos and Extra Resources
  • 3 Week Exercise Tracking Sheet
  • 30 Min Personal Session (if you complete the course)

Imagine being stronger, quicker and more graceful than you have felt for years.

3 Weeks to Better Balance blends the best of yoga, tai chi, qi gong and functional fitness with the main goal of improving your balance to prevent falls.

Who is teaching?

Nate Guadagni and Mikey Latteri are Balance Coaches with over 25 years of experience between them. They combine the best of gentle yoga, Tai Chi, qi gong and functional fitness in a fun, accessible and safe approach. We offer modifications to make each movement more or less challenging and we know that if you are having fun, you’re going to stick with the program!

Imagine walking, hiking, dancing, climbing and playing with renewed confidence in the power and stability of your own body.

Join us for the next three weeks, and we’ll will show you how!