Recommended Products

The Bo Yoga® Balance Bar provides balance, alignment, assistance and resistance. Lightweight, flexible, stable, padded with traction tips. Meet your new favorite prop!

The 5 Foot Balance Bar is the most popular size for most people. If you are 6ft tall or more, get the 6 Foot Balance Bar.

Comes with a free 70 page Bo Yoga® Exercise Guide.

Balance Boards challenge your balance and help you build strength in your ankles, calves and feet while improving your reflexes and reaction time.

This size is a good beginner Balance Board. It’s low to the ground making it safe and easy to start with. The material is plastic and may be less durable over a long time. The surface has molded plastic which may be slippery if you have socks on. (Wear shoes or bare feet).

This Balance Pad is large enough that you can step on it with both feet and most people can even do a tandem step. The soft, yet firm foam makes your ankles work harder to stand which helps improve your balance and stability.

This can also be used for knee padding for kneeling poses.

Balance Boards challenge your balance and help you build strength in your ankles, calves and feet while improving your reflexes and reaction time.

This size is a good intermediate Balance Board. It is slightly higher off the ground which makes the range of movement greater. It is also wooden and very sturdy. The top has a griptape (sandpaper) type of surface which may wear down over time.

Resistance Bands are versatile and effective for building strength, flexibility and range of motion. They come in 5 levels of resistance and are looped for easy use.

They come in a handy bag and have hundreds of applications. A “must have” for a home gym.

The classic BOSU Ball. Just like the ones you see in the gym. They can be used with either side up for ankle stability and balance training. More challenging than the Balance Boards, for intermediate or advanced practitioners.

These are very durable and the inflation can be adjusted to make them more or less stable to change the level of difficulty.

High quality natural cork yoga block. Helpful for many yoga poses and exercises. Recommended to get 2 for a full set.

These are staple props for yoga, you can use them to make poses more accessible and safe.

Recommended D-Ring Yoga strap makes it easy to adjust the length. 10 Ft is the best size so you can use it fully without straining you body.

Yoga Straps help you develop flexibility by making poses safer and more accessible.

Did you know that hand/eye coordination plays a role in your balance? Learning how to juggle can help your vestibular systems, improve your reflexes and coordination.

We teach many exercises with Juggling balls and this set comes with additional instructions.

Bouncy Balls are a step harder than Juggling Balls (which are soft). They can also be used in other exercises like bouncing off the wall or floor or passing to a friend.

Improve your coordination, reflexes and eye movements which all contribute to better balance.

Yoga Blankets are versatile and can be used in many yoga poses and exercises. It can be folded to create a Balance Beam or used to pad your knees or hips on the floor.

This is an essential yoga and fitness prop and it’s recommended to have 2 or more.

This Balance Beam will challenge your balance and give you a whole new platform to practice upon. It is soft, yet firm enough to stand on safely.

This prop is recommended by Harvard Medical School to help you improve balance and prevent falls.